Monterey Fine Foods: More Than Meets the Eye

Monterey Fine Foods: More Than Meets the Eye

Redefining Monterey Fine Foods

When you visit Monterey Fine Foods, you’ll immediately notice the unparalleled quality in every detail. Offering an exquisite assortment of gourmet catering delights, fresh farm-to-table meals, custom-designed menus, and more, Monterey Fine Foods uses only the finest locally-sourced ingredients. And yet, this Bernardsville, New Jersey, staple also offers more than meets the eye, embarking on quite the journey to get to where it is today.

In this blog, we’ll be featuring Stephen Roth, the new owner of Monterey Fine Foods. Discover how Steve is redefining Monterey from the ground up!

New Beginnings

As the new owner, Stephen Roth was driven to resurrect a business that had been in decline. Over the years, Monterey Fine Foods had inherited a less-than-positive reputation. Meanwhile, before his new role, Steve had owned and operated the Oldwick General Store for over 30 years, honing his strong team-building skills. His tenure at the Oldwick General Store was impressive, and the store’s clientele in Somerset and its surrounding counties were avid supporters of his business. Even today, Monterey often caters to Steve’s former customers, a testament to the excellent service and products that Oldwick provided.

Now, as the new owner of Monterey Fine Foods, Steve’s goals are twofold: to build a first-class catering operation for both corporate and private functions, as well as to create an inviting brick-and-mortar storefront in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Transitions and Changes

In the early days of taking over the business, Steve was nervous but eager. For years, he had been looking to return to the industry, and he was confident in his skillset. However, as one could imagine, acquiring an entirely new staff, trying to communicate his vision, and picking up where the business had left off was, and still can be, challenging at times. Fortunately, Steve has been making notable progress in his new role at Monterey Fine Foods and is well on his way to crafting a premier business with his team.

From day one, Steve began implementing fundamental changes, the first being hiring Linda Galdieri as Monterey Fine Foods’ new Director of Catering. Steve selected her based on her extensive experience, her knowledge of the business, and her astounding attention to detail. Also, being a local herself, Linda’s familiarity with the area’s clientele was a tremendous asset. Her strong work ethic and captivating personality make her a natural fit for the role, and Steve is confident that together they’ll create a premier catering business.

In addition to hiring Linda and taking steps to realize his vision for Monterey Fine Foods, Steve has also been quick to provide ongoing training to all of his staff. Customer service is paramount, after all!

Steve’s Remarks

Monterey Fine Foods stands apart as a business that caters to every customer. Its custom menus are tailored to each individual’s needs and tastes, its items are crafted fresh daily with care, and its staff goes above and beyond. While the convenience of ordering from a chain’s “cookie-cutter” menu may be appealing at times, Monterey Fine Foods is a cut above in every regard. Discover a place where each day is different, gustatory experiences abound, and creativity breaks free from convention.


At Monterey Fine Foods, we champion the farm-to-table ideal and relish in presenting locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients to you each day. Our menus are custom-designed with care, and we bring heart and inspiration to everything we create. This is what elevates the quality, taste, and presentation of our food. We know you’re hungry for more! Contact us or stop by our Bernardsville location today and make your delicious dreams a reality.