Scratch Catering: Love in the Details

Scratch Catering: Love in the Details

Fall in Love with Scratch Catering

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, there’s something charming about February. Each day calls love and appreciation to mind, and the brisk weather leads us closer to brighter, warmer days ahead. This month, the Monterey Fine Foods blog will introduce you to something and someone abounding with heart and creativity: scratch catering and our very own Director of Catering, Linda Galdieri. Read on to fall in love with the finest of details!

Locally sourced, made from scratch.

So, what exactly is scratch catering? When you hear the word “scratch,” a couple of ideas may come to mind. Perhaps you’re reminiscing about a meal cooked or baked entirely from scratch, or even an artisanal good created with pronounceable ingredients. We want to propose a few key ideas at the heart of scratch-catered goodness:

  • Local – Farm to Fork, Soil to Spoon…Whatever name you know it by, scratch catering provides locavores like you the opportunity to support local businesses, as well as enjoy the freshest produce in season from local farms.
  • Crafted with Care – In scratch catering, we plan every single ingredient that goes into our food. As a result, each bite of your meal is crafted with care for optimal deliciousness.
  • Healthy and Sustainable – Echoing the point above, scratch catering can also be a healthy and sustainable option for any event. We’re able to plan everything down to the finest of details, such as eco-friendly utensils, and use food as an opportunity to educate.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to someone who truly appreciates crafting from scratch:

Menu Architect, Event Designer, Director of Catering, and more!

Originally from Kentucky, Linda Galdieri grew up in Southern Maryland along the banks of the Chesapeake Bay. She is now the only member of her family that lives above the Mason-Dixon Line—a true southerner! Linda spent her childhood working in her parents’ crab shack and on her family’s farms in Maryland and Kentucky. A foodie since birth, she was raised to hunt, fish, and grow her own fresh vegetables.

Linda graduated from military school two years early, eager to be independent, and moved to Baltimore to begin her career as a chef. Life eventually brought her to New Jersey, and she has since created one of the area’s most dominant catering companies as their fearless leader. Specializing in Farm to Fork, she is all about the details—big and small! Linda’s warmth, unparalleled knowledge and event planning skills, and affinity for customizing each event to reflect her clients’ desires are genuinely incredible.

Here are the new changes Linda’s brought to Monterey Fine Foods:

Local! Local! Local!

Working with some of the best purveyors in the Garden State provides my clients with the best and freshest products. It also helps support small businesses, which is a win-win situation!

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Products!

We’re now extremely mindful of our green footprint and have taken great strides to eliminate plastics. For example, our plates are either constructed from a pulp made of recycled cardboard, and our higher-end line features gorgeous bamboo plates. Our utensils are made from sugar cane, cornstarch, wood, or bamboo, and we complement them with recycled napkins. Honoring my roots, we also source our recycled wood platters from a great company in Kentucky! And even our serving bowls, food picks, and food boats are all made from bamboo.

Not only are these products great for Mother Nature, but they’re also cost-effective and very hip to display delicious food.

At Monterey Fine Foods, we celebrate the details. Specializing in Farm to Fork, scratch catering, custom menu design, and events beyond compare, we’re ready to help you make your delicious dreams a reality. Contact Linda Galdieri to start planning your next event today!

Cheers—to making memories!